About Us

Welcome SoMi Parents!

We hope this site serves as an important resource for parents looking for information on school-wide events, other important dates, and more. Please keep in mind your child's classroom site has more specific information pertaining your child’s day-to-day activities, field trips, volunteer sign-up forms, teacher communications and more.

Our Purpose

We strive to enhance the SoMi experience.

We accomplish these goals through fundraising and other events that benefit the SoMi community. Somerset SoMi Academy is fortunate to have a fun, energetic and very involved parent organization (“VIP's”). We aim to provide an important link between parents, staff, teachers and the administration for our children's’ benefit.

2023-2024 VIP Board and Committee Chairs

Contact the committee at SoMiVVIP@gmail.com.

President: Arleen Gomez
President Elect: Monica Schinker
Vice-President: Danica Melendez
Treasurer: Ritz Andrade
Secretary: Amanda Portas
ACT Chair: Danica Melendez
Bookfair Chair: Amanda Portas
Fundraising Chair: Carla McQuide
Event Coordinators: Kristine Lubian & Venessa Calderon
Communications: Cynthie Rosselini
Room Parent Coordinator: Amanda Portas

Room Parents

They go above and beyond to help with everyday classroom efforts and special activities. 

How The Parent Community Can Help?
To successfully achieve VIP’s purpose we need parents who are willing to become committee members and put their names in our volunteer database to assist with the activities we organize.