What is the ACT Fund?

ACT stands for Assistants for Classroom Teachers. It is a voluntary fundraising campaign that allows SoMi to hire additional staff to support our classroom teachers.



 Refund Policy: Staffing decisions are made in large part based upon ACT contributions. Therefore, refunds will ONLY be granted within the first week of the school year in question AND ONLY if student withdrawal is confirmed by school administration. Refund requests must be made in writing to SoMiACTFund@gmail.com


FAQs on ACT Fund
You have questions and we have answers!

Q. What is the ACT Fund?
A. ACT stands for Assistants for Classroom Teachers. It is a voluntary fundraising campaign that allows SoMi to hire additional staff to support our classroom teachers.

Q. Why do we need it?
A. For our kids! Having an assistant teacher in the classroom allows the primary teacher the opportunity to spend additional time, including one-on-one time, with our kids. This is not just for children needing extra attention, but rather gives more time to our teachers to actually teach. Assistants help with administrative tasks as well as provide an extra set of hands (and eyes!) to help manage all the activity that occurs within the classroom.

Q. Why are we paying now? (And why do you ask for money in the fall, too?)
A. It is the goal of the administration and the ACT Committee that the ONLY collection done at the beginning of the school year (in the fall) is for/from students who are new to SoMi. The majority of the collection will now be done in spring term so that offers can be made to retain our current assistants for the next academic year. It is incredibly difficult to find and hire new assistants in September/October as most assistants have already found other jobs. In other words, unless it is your first year in SoMi, you should only be paying ONE time per year and it should be in the spring.

Q. How does it work?
A. In Kindergarten and 1st Grade, the contribution per student for a full-time assistant is $550. In grades 2nd-5th, the amount per student is $300 for a part-time assistant. For the middle school grades (6th-8th) the amount is $175 per student. A part-time assistant will be in the classroom five days per week for half the day. A full-time assistant will be in the classroom five days per week for the full day. In middle school, the assistant is shared since the amount collected is less.

Q. Why are there “shared” assistants?
A. Many times, we have one assistant hired who supports two different classrooms, spending half the day in one, and the other half of the day in the other. Where classes are able to raise money, but not full amount for a part time assistant, an assistant is shared with other classes who have done the same. Keep in mind that the time spent in the classroom by the assistant will be proportional to the amount of money raised.

Q. Where does my money REALLY go?
A. Your money always follows your child. It will be applied to the classroom in which your child is assigned for the next academic year. All funds collected in this current campaign are to be used to pay next year’s assistants. Any questions can be directed to your homeroom parent, the ACT Committee, or the ACT Fund Treasurer. Please direct your inquiries via email to: somiactfund@gmail.com.

Q. What happens if our class raises more than half, but not the full amount? Where does the extra money go? And how can I find out how much my class has raised?
A. The extra money follows your child and goes toward your class. The Administration reviews class percentages and allocates days/times for each assistant.

Q. What are the options for making payments?
A. Paying is easy! Pay by cash, check, credit card or online at www.vipsomi.com. Envelopes and additional information are available at the front desk. Always indicate your child’s name and current grade/teacher (for identification purposes – there are some students with the same or similar names) when making a payment.